Thursday, September 8, 2011

My favourite rubais from Rumi

1)Anyone who doesnt suffer of a secret love, s/he hasn´t got a heart and a soul eventhough s/he seems alive. S/he is like a dead person walking. If you think you are smart, go and ask for toruble from god because to not to have trouble and to not to fall in love are incurable diseases.

2) Our body which is made of earth is the light of the heavens. The angels envy our agility in the way of God. Sometimes angels are jealous of our pureness, sometimes even Satan runs away from our evilness.

3) Come nevertheless,  come nevertheless. Whoever you are, come as you are. If you don´t know God, if you worship fire, if you worship idols, come nevertheless. This is our lodge, it is not the lodge of hopelessness. If you have broken your vows 100 times, come nevertheless.

4)Lovers sacrafice two worlds in a breath. They sacrafice 100 years of living for one moment. Following a scent, they go a way of 1000 mansions, to take (to gain) a heart, they give 1000 lives.

5) I want to run hundred mansions away  from where the reason exists and I want to get rid of the  existence of good and evil. There are such beauties behind this curtain. My real presence is there. Hey stupid people, I want to love myself.

6) If it is necessary to be ashamed of this and that, it is also necessary to not to see others´ disgraces and faults, to veil and to bury them. If you will show good and bad as how they are like mirrors, first you should have a solid face and you should be insensitive like mirrors.

 7) Someone who passes by my grave becomes drunken. The one who stands by my grave  will stay drunken forever. If the drunk of my grave dives into sea, sea becomes drunken, it overflows, it foams, if s/he enter into earth, grave becomes drunken and sarcophagus too.

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