Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Poems

Poem 6 

your blue eyes 
killed me twice 
once in their presence 
once in their absence 
chained with madness 
no more captive 
no more helpless 
i will lose my way 
in your darkness 
away from exit 
away from entrance 

Poem 5 Canadian Winter 

You, like a river of knives 
Cutting the valley of laughs 
Creating an abyss of sighs 
Flow in a Canadian winter. 

Poem 4 

Your absence is my old friend now 
A blurry sulky shadow, nothing more 
Every night, makes me remember anyhow 
How I loved you and how I didn’t know. 

If I said come today, would it be too late 
After all those, have you still some desire? 
Your coldness is what makes my heart melt 
I am burning come freze me with your fire. 

Poem 3 

Stuck in a dream world 
I think about possibilities 
Without hearing a positive word 
I decieve myself about oppurtinities 
So what if I believe in fairytales 
Which will never end happily 
If I dont care about the facts 
That is only my misery 
Is it so difficult to love someone 
Without thinking about obstacles? 
What if he is the right one 
Why dont you believe in miracles? 
I know you are too mature 
To believe such nonsenses 
Sometimes even logic is in failure 
The one wins is what heart senses. 

Poem 2 

All songs I like, remind me of you 
I ask myself, who am I, who? 
Aren´t we all, parts of a whole? 
We are together even loneliness call. 
Distance is a lie, under the same sky 
Don´t we have tents,with wind they fly. 
So why am I sad, what is this hole? 
Playing the desperate, is that my role? 

Poem 1 

Dark days quickly approach 
Here devil knocks my door 
O my loneliness, be my torch. 
With you,let me burn my core. 

I loved a poisonous snake 
Her smile was her poison 
All she wanted was to make 
Me a captive in her prison 

Her shadow is a narrow bridge 
When I walk I hear her call 
There waits me like a witch 
She will claim my soul if I fall 

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